A fan of the Serie A and an avid supporter of all things analysis? Lucky for you, you are in the right place as Serie A Analysis looks to give you the best content available on the internet!

The Serie A perhaps does not always get the best coverage in the English language when looking at the tactical side of the game, with the bog-standard transfer news, opinion and views from pundits pretty much dominating the space already being utilised.

However, we are changing that and want to bring you along on the journey as our ultimate aim is to give you an understanding and some education on looking at our beautiful game in a different way than ever before – whilst keeping it all focused on Italy’s great division!

Whilst also offering opinions and views on some of the latest news to concern the Serie A, we dig deeper than others and bulk our content with all the juicy data and statistics to help prove exactly why the point being made is argued and is backed up substantially.

Digging deeper is certainly a theme here, though, as we produce data-driven content involving match previews, player analysis and also head coach analysis as we look to read into everything in the Italian game.

Maybe you want to know how two teams going up against each other will look to get one over each other? What about wanting to know how a fixture between two sides was played tactically? How is the current manager of a Serie A side setting his team up to go into battle? Is a rumoured arrival going to be what the team need? How well does an individual sit within the squad he is playing in and is he performing as well as he can be?

Of course, these are just some of the questions that we look to address and answer with a heavily data-driven article and help to educate/further your knowledge of the league you have a passion for.

Think you can help us out and contribute with an insight that we may have missed? Want to learn more about the analytical side by getting involved? Then, why not get in touch and apply to write for us?

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