Two-time European champions Juventus made a visit to Swedish side Malmö in UEFA Champions League Group H clash. The visitors started their new champions league campaign brightly after first-half goals from Alex Sandro, Paolo Dybala and Alvaro Morata ensured their win. Juventus now sit at the top of Group H, level on points with Chelsea.

We’ve broken down all the key stats for you to digest, including;
* shot maps

* xT (expected threat)

* pass networks

* xG timelines

* defensive duels

* average positions and much more!

We also try to answer some questions for you with the visuals;

Who was the main man for Juventus? What were the xT creation zones?

To navigate the stats gallery simply click on the numbers to move through the pages.

At the end of the gallery, you’ll be able to download the full PDF stats report.

UEFA Champions League Stats: Malmo vs Juventus