Fiorentina want to quickly forget about last season. The viola team was saved from relegation by just three points. This gave Fiorentina a lot of movement in the transfer market. Among those movements is Erick Pulgar, their new incorporation. The Chilean player will be analysed in this scout report, in which we will show his tactics and characteristics. In addition, we will perform a tactical analysis to find out what he can contribute to his new team.

Erick Pulgar is a player who can help Fiorentina return to the places of privilege. The Chilean will be a very important player in the tactics that Vincenzo Montella wants for his team. Last season, Pulgar played in Bologna and was one of their best players. That’s why the following tactical analysis will give his in-depth player profile. In addition, we will find out how the new player of Fiorentina actually plays.

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Artwork by @chapulana

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