Marco Giampaolo has taken a step to save his job with AC Milan. Daily Mail reported the head coach had a few confrontations with his players over poor performances, during Tuesday training session at Milanello.

It has been a terrible start to the season for the Swiss-Italian with AC Milan going on a four match losing streak out of their six opening matches, an incident that hasn’t happened to the Italian club since the 1930s (as per Goal). There has been a lot of criticisms over his player management as he has a number of brilliant players in his team and this makes both fans and all football lovers wonder why he hasn’t been able to put them to good use.

With a lot of pressure mounting from fans, the club management has given Giampaolo one last chance to fight for his job. According to the Daily Mail, the future of Marco Giampaolo at AC Milan will be decided this weekend, as the Rossoneri take on Genoa on Saturday evening and should they lose, then the former Sampdoria boss will be heading towards the exit.

However, in a likely event that his game plan, team tactics and how he uses his players on the field of play might be the problem he hasn’t been able to solve, Giampaolo has decided to switch to a new attacking trio. This has come in the right time as there is a must-win tag on him for Saturday’s match against Genoa as the club management want the whole three
points or nothing.

The Daily Mail reports that Piatek might watch from the bench on AC Milan’s Saturday match as the Polish international has failed to impress at the start of the season, struggling to link up with his teammates.

Trying a new tactic, Giampaolo might be fielding a new attacking trio against Genoa, consisting of Suso, Rafael Leao and Rebic. The Portuguese youngster, who scored against Fiorentina, would thus be deployed in the centre instead.

The AC Milan boss is likely to start his team in a 4-3-3 formation. A win is of the utmost importance to him over the weekend and a switch in his game play might be the solution to his problems. With the 4-3-3 formation, he will have enough men in the opponent’s box, adding pressure and hoping to capitalize on all of their mistakes while also not exposing his midfield and defense to too much danger.


If there is ever a time for Giampaolo to prove he is the right man for the job, then the time is now as his neck is on the line. With rumors of names lined up to take his position at the Rossonero, he can’t afford to be making mistakes. With a squad for him to put to work, he might just need to give them something to fight for.

The new formation brings up a question on whether Giampaolo is making the right decision or not but the events of Saturday’s match will tell.