After a poor season in 2018/19 which saw Roma finish sixth in Serie A, optimism has carefully returned to the capital at the dawn of a new season. The man leading them into this campaign is the Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca. Fonseca brings a very specific and energetic style of play with him and this tactical analysis scout report will look at his tactics and how they will suit Roma’s squad.

I will begin by looking at the style of play Fonseca looks to implement, starting with his defensive tactics followed by his preferred setup in attack. Afterwards, I will look at the squad he has at his disposal and how those players suit his approach.

Energetic organised defending

The first thing to note when talking about Fonseca’s teams is that they are energetic. They are all about energy, energy and some more energy. The players press intensively when they do, although Fonseca’s Shakhtar rarely pressed high but more often opted to start from about ten metres inside the oppositions half. They defend in a positionally-orientated 4-2-2-2 or 4-4-2 depending on the positions the two wide midfielders pick up.

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