Cagliari is one of the teams that have been best strengthened for Serie A 2019/20. Cagliari was saved from relegation only by three points last season, so now they want to fight for something more. Among those reinforcements is Nahitan Nández, the Uruguayan who comes from Boca Juniors. Nández is a player who can contribute in several ways to the tactics of Rolando Maran, coach of Cagliari. This is why a tactical analysis of the Uruguayan player by means of a scout report will show what he can contribute to Cagliari.

This tactical analysis will show the main characteristics of Nahitan Nández, Uruguayan player who comes to reinforce Cagliari. The next scout report will show how Nahitan Nández can fit into Cagliari’s tactical system for Serie A 2019/20. Cagliari no longer wants to fight for relegation and Nández can be a great help to improve as a team from tactics. This analysis will show precisely why Nahitan Nández is going to be an important piece in Cagliari’s scheme for next season.


Nahitan Nández began his career in Peñarol, a team from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. There he had three very good years that catapulted him to Boca Juniors, where he became one of the most beloved players in just two seasons. His winning attitude on the pitch and his physical display in every game made Boca fans quickly make him an idol.

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