Ahead of his side’s semi-final second leg against Fiorentina, which saw Atalanta go through to the Coppa Italia final 5-4 on aggregate, Gian Piero Gasperini said the following:

“The characteristics of the team remain the same. In any case, we know what their strengths are. We’ll need to concentrate on our performance.”

The coach was unphased by his opponents’ recent managerial reshuffle, this was mostly about what his side could do.

Atalanta and Lazio go into the final with a great understanding of one another’s styles and attributes. The two sides are determined to put their own chapter in the Coppa Italia’s monograph, however, they’ll aim to do this through optimising their own qualities, rather than taking account of one another’s.

In this tactical preview, we shall examine the strengths and weaknesses that each side will bring into this exciting Coppa Italia final. We shall conduct a tactical analysis by studying their two previous battles this season in Serie A, as well as contextualising this in relation to their season as a whole. Atalanta’s record against Lazio makes them the favourites, but the Roman side have enough about them to cause an upset.

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