Football is the life-blood of many fans around the world and it can be an addiction for many as they are unable to go without the sport for longer than a five-minute spell each day.

Indeed, whilst the season will generally run between nine and ten months of a year, many are left twiddling their fingers and thumbs for the remaining eight weeks or so as they wait for the action to return – especially when there is a year where a major tournament is not scheduled to take place.

However, those football fanatics can certainly get their fix now due to the advancements in technology, with a number of great football-based games having made their way to a number of smartphones. The same could be said for motorsport lovers as well, as it will be likely there will be a number of motorsport games in 2021 that will need to be downloaded.

Here are just some of the best that football fans can play in 2020, as they look to get their fix when the action is not on their screens!

Football Manager Mobile 2020

The ever-popular Football Manager series may have been developed for players that use a computer or laptop, however the game developers managed to produce a quality offering that is available on mobile and device tablets. Football Manager 2020 Mobile allows players to take control of their favourite team and look to lead them to glory. Although it might not have been voted as one of the top 5 mobile games in 2020, it certainly should have been considered.


FIFA 20 is a staple game for many football lovers and a game that can be guaranteed to be in a player’s library of titles. The game has been around for a number of years and has been recognised as one of the all-time greats when it comes down to football. Although predominantly played on games consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, there are mobile versions available that players can play and lead their team to the title. This title should have been one of the more popular mobile games 2020.

Score! Hero

Perhaps one of the best games to have been made available specifically for mobile devices, Score! Hero lets players go through a story mode career in which they try and score a number of goals and lead their player through their career by making a number of interesting choices. The gameplay available within the game is perhaps one of the most user-interactive, which makes this game incredibly enjoyable and one that should be played by all football fans!