The Juventus ace has stated that he wants to play for at least another five years, with a former colleague at Old Trafford expecting him to do so.

Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he intends to play on past his 40th birthday and former Manchester United team-mate Dimitar Berbatov sees no reason why the Portuguese can’t deliver on that promise.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has turned 35 and would be expected to be approaching the end of his playing days.

Ronaldo has, however, shown over the course of an extraordinary career that he is no ordinary footballer.

Another 33 goals for club and country have been added to his record-breaking tally this year, with there no sign of him slowing down.

With that in mind, Berbatov believes a man he played alongside at Old Trafford is capable of following in the footsteps of Ryan Giggs and staying at the top of his game when entering the fourth decade.

Berbatov told Betfair: “Cristiano Ronaldo, turned 35 this week and is still at the top of his game. He has scored 33 goals this season which is phenomenal.

“Ronaldo has stated he needs to be playing at the highest level when he is 40. I can see him doing that. Ryan Giggs was playing for United at 40 and, when you have great coaches around you who understand how to handle you, it is possible.

I did ask myself recently if I had retired too soon.

Another of those that Berbatov once played within England, and a former team-mate of Ronaldo at Real Madrid, is Gareth Bale.

The ex-Tottenham celebrity has seen another move window near, but exit talk at Santiago Bernabeu won’t go away.

Bale’s agent has said on a regular basis that no movement will be made and Berbatov considers the Wales international will honour his contract in Spain.

The Bulgarian added: “Gareth Bale’s agent has said the player has no intention of leaving Madrid, even though he nearly signed for a Chinese team last summer and there are rumours about where he could be off to at the end of the season.

“When fans and fans discuss transfer rumours they often only think about the player’s role in his team and forget there are other variables, including the way the participant’s family feel. If the player and his family are happy in the city then he is content at a club.

“I read that Bale’s family actually like living in Madrid, so it might be that he does stay. As long as he’s in the club, Bale will play along with his performances show that he still has a lot to offer them. But I would still like to see him starting every week.”