With Serie A desperate for a significant cash injection, especially with many clubs around the league considering to ask for the potential to enforce a pay cut for their players and staff that would last two months, some much-needed good news appears to have been created.

According to a report from Yahoo! Serie A has been able to strike a deal for their TV rights, with Sky continuing to be the main broadcaster for the vast majority of the league’s matches throughout the season.

The new deal is said to allow Sky to broadcast three of the 10 live matches that are played each week over the next three seasons, thus meaning the broadcasting deal will run until at least 2024. This means those who like to play using the best au online gambling sites will be able to watch a number of live Serie A games as they play.

Further information to have been revealed is that the Serie A clubs had all agreed to sell the TV rights for three of the 10 league games per week to Sky, whilst the league had initially provided sports streaming platform, DAZN, with the rights to broadcast all Italian championship matches in a deal worth around €2.5 billion.

However, Sky’s deal has not revealed any financial details as of yet, however it is thought that they may have offered somewhere in the region of €263 million according to those who are close to the matter.

Part of the deal has also allowed for Sky and Serie A to try and rebuild their relationship in some way as legal proceedings and claims against the league’s rights deal with DAZN would be dropped.

Sky were initially unhappy with the deal as they had stated that the legal tender process had not complied with Italian laws that had aimed at protecting competition within the marketplace. However, they have since dropped that dispute after securing a new broadcast package. Perhaps someone at Sky had been looking at https://www.casinous.com/real-money-casinos/ and found one that had put them in a good mood?

This means that Serie A has managed to secure around €2.8 billion in much-needed finances via the sale of their domestic broadcasting rights for the upcoming 2021/22 Serie A season and the subsequent 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons.

It is slightly less than what they had received for the previous three-year tender that had been in place, with it believed to have been around €2.9 billion from both Sky and DAZN, however Sky had the lion share of those rights back then and subsequently do not moving forward.

With this money set to come in, Serie A clubs can rest a little easier, although many will still likely need to secure their own additional funding via means such as transfers and offloading any expensive, deadwood that they might have in their squads.

This summer, though, might just be the perfect time to do that.