Instead of cancel all events, fixtures in areas not heavily influenced by the virus can occur without members of the general public in attendance.

Serie A and all other sporting events in Italy might need to take place behind closed doors until April 3 after a government decree amid worries surrounding the coronavirus.

Prime minister Giuseppe Conte made the statement on Wednesday following the coronavirus issue continued to wreak havoc with the scheduling of Italian soccer.

Serie A matches are called off over the last two weekends, together with the midweek Coppa Italia semi-finals.

A scheduled Lega Serie A crisis assembly on Wednesday failed to proceed as just nine clubs were represented, with 14 required.

Instead of cancel all events, however, fixtures in areas not heavily influenced by the virus can occur without members of the general public in attendance for the next 30 days.

The decree said:”Sports events and contests of all sorts and areas, held in each place, both private and public, are suspended.

“But in municipalities other than those listed in Annex 1 of the prime minister’s decree of March 1, 2020, and subsequent amendments, the holding of the aforementioned events and contests, in addition to training sessions for competitive athletes, are still permitted inside sports centers utilized behind closed doors, or outside without the existence of the general public.

“In all such circumstances, institutions and sports clubs, by way of their medical staff, need to carry out the appropriate checks to include the possibility of spreading the COVID-19 virus among athletes, athletes, supervisors and all accompanying persons who engage.

“Fundamental sports and motor activities generally, performed outdoors or inside spas, swimming pools and sports centres of all sorts, are permitted only on condition it is possible to follow the recommendation set out in Annex 1, letter D.

“The terms of the decree have their effect from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and are powerful, subject to various provisions found in the individual steps, until April 3, 2020.”

Apart from concerns directly related to the virus epidemic, there are concerns over the physical and mental effects on players if fixtures stack up until the end of the season.

All elite soccer competitions in the 2019-20 season has to be completed by May 24 because of Euro 2020 coming in the end of the campaign.

There are 2,502 confirmed cases of the virus in Italy, with 80 deaths, although there were 3,199 deaths worldwide.