Gambling enthusiasts are from different walks of life. Even celebrities visit casinos for some fun. Some famous football players can boast of big winnings in gambling clubs. Which footballer has won large sums of money? Experts from Sharpgambler decided to check some facts about famous footballers who get involved in the gambling.

Which Famous Football Players Visit the Casino?

Surely, among the famous stars and eminent athletes, some like to have fun in the company of casinos. That is not surprising, because at the heart of any sport is the spirit of competition, which gives a lot of new emotions and charges with new energy. That is why football players love to have fun in gaming clubs and casinos.

The famous English footballer David†Beckham†is often featured in some of the best gaming casinos in the world. As in the case of his football career, he turned his passion for gambling into a business. He has become an advertising face for several gambling companies in†Macau†and Singapore. To attract visitors to the casino, the star often appears in various Las Vegas gambling houses. Experts note the success of such a PR move since it attracts thousands of people to the casino.

Gamblers from†Serie†A

As a result of the betting scandal in Italy, called†Totonero, the famous†Paolo†Rossi†was excommunicated from football for three years. True, for the 1982 World Cup,†Paolo†was amnestied and he led Italy to gold. At the same time,†Paolo†himself did not admit that he violated the law and continues to insist that he was framed.

The list of fans of gambling also includes other footballers. For example, Tony Adams and Michael Owen, who lost tens of thousands of dollars in a card game. Football players love to gamble big money. Jimmy†Hasselbaink†scored a big defeat, losing 50 thousand pounds. He used to visit casinos with his teammates, who also love casino card games.

Poker Players

A fan of poker turned out to be Barcelona defender Gerard Piquet, who became famous for winning a major poker competition and taking more than 40 thousand euros. Also, the eminent poker player was Teddy Sheringer, who won the competition several times. The poker game brought him colossal money.
Some experts claim that many football players in England are addicted to gambling. For example, captain Wayne Rooney won 70 thousand pounds in an online casino. Sportsmen also use bookmakers to play.

Star footballers are ideal customers for casinos and other gambling establishments. They have a lot of money, they need to relax after intense games, and most importantly, their main activity has made them incredibly gambling guys. The desire to defeat the enemy, fighting to the end, that is, a big bunch of money – what else does a casino need? Moreover, now all this can be done online, without fear of meeting the paparazzi (or coaches).

Taboo from Coaches To Gamble

However, many coaches prohibit gambling. In particular, ex-Arsenal coach†Arsene†Wenger†is an ardent opponent of gambling in the team. Another Frenchman, former Liverpool coach Gerard†Houllier†is against gambling too. But nothing prevents the coach from playing cards. He can even develop his intellectual abilities with their help. For example, Bert Van†Marwijk, who led the Dutch national team to the 2010 World Cup final, became the world champion in the popular game†klaverjassen†in the Netherlands in the distant 75th year.

Online Casino Is Way Out for Famous Football Players

Over time, online casinos have become a big problem for football players, especially young ones. Football coaches talked a lot about this. The problem is that football legends like†Totti†and†Buffon†are actively used to advertise the same poker offices.

And some just play poker quite professionally. Former Manchester United striker Teddy†Sheringham†and former Irish national team star Tony†Cascarino†have won the European World Series of Poker and the UK Poker Tour. But reading about success stories, someone like Matthew†Etherington†wastes all their money and ruins their careers.

Of course, football players cannot miss this type of gambling, such as betting on sports results.

A big fan of sports forecasting is the already mentioned Michael Owen. In principle, such games are prohibited for football players, so his father opened an offshore account. True, at the “Lucky” bets, Owen lost 30-40 thousand in a few years (as his father admitted, but, according to the English press, several million).

Funny Moments with Football Players Who Gamble

A funny case was described in his memoirs by the Southampton forward of the 90s Matthew Le†Tissier. He put 10 thousand pounds on the fact that in the first minute of the match between his team and Wimbledon, the ball will go out-of-bounds. It would seem a sure bet.

Le†Tissier†and his partner play the ball in the center of the field, Matt conceives an ingenious pass to the flank but does not count a little and the ball goes out-of-bounds. However, as Le†Tissier†himself said in his book, because of the excitement he made the pass not strong enough and the flank player managed to catch up with the ball. That’s when Matt had to get down to business seriously. ìNever in my life have I run around the field like that, trying to knock the ball out-of-bounds,î the footballer writes.