When it comes to football betting, analyzing the match you want to bet on is vital. Through analysis, even individuals who have less football knowledge can be successful. All you need is the internet and dedicate your time to research the matches you are interested in. According to the experts at NetBet Sport, you should always spend some time analyzing a football match before placing a bet.

Rules of effective match analysis

To learn the art of analyzing football matches like a pro, check out these principles.

Number of matches

Are you the type of punter that places like twenty football bets in a single weekend or afternoon? Well, that is a bad practice. Even the best punters who have mastered the art of analyzing football matches do not indulge in such a practice. Football betting is not a competition where you want to be the one who places the most bets.

It isn’t easy to do a thorough analysis if you are placing many bets at once. You should also beware of weekends which bring the most threat to your bankroll. Most punters are blinded by weekend matches, thinking that there are more opportunities to find value. So, focus on quality but not quantity.

Working order

Many people usually select a match and then conduct not-so thorough research and proceed to place a bet. That is not the correct working order. First of all, you never know in which match you will find valuable. Rather than choosing and analyzing a match, it is best to analyze several games of a particular event and then identify one or two with the most potential to bet on.

Narrow your focus

Any football fan knows that it is hard to become an expert in every league and competition. It is smart to narrow your focus to one or two leagues that you feel knowledgeable about. Using this approach also helps you better understand the game, the teams, and the players, which allows you to determine the strong and weak sides.

Be aware of football statistics.

Football is more of statistics which should be your analysis resource. Thankfully, you can find out anything you want about football on the internet. Do not only evaluate scored and conceded goals of a team; take your time to dig deeper into the statistics of a particular team or match. For instance, what is their playing style, how many corners the players take, how prone they are to fouls, their ball possession percentage, etc.? When you have more statistics about a particular team, you are better positioned to make a better prediction.

Check the history of matches.

When doing a prematch analysis, look at the history of matches. In the end, most of the games between the same teams look almost the same. The goal here is to identify one unique feature about a league that helps you analyze the match better. It can be anything such as the number of cards, goals, playing style, corners, fouls, and strategies.

Line ups

You must check a team’s lineups for a particular match and their roster before placing a bet. Checking the lineups means finding out if the team’s stars will be playing or if the younglings will start the game instead of the more experienced players. This kind of information makes a difference in analyzing a match.

Try not to look at the odds.

You should analyze a match based on all its potential outcomes rather than looking at a bookmaker’s odds. When you first look at the odds, they bias your outlook. So, try to analyze a league first and find its full potential. That way, you can determine the actual odds by yourself and then compare them to the ones offered by a bookmaker. This also helps you identify the bookmaker’s mistake and give you an advantage.

The importance of the match

It is quite apparent that the more significant a match is, the more the teams and their officials are prepared. In most cases, less important competitions, such as at the end of a season, find that most teams have already secured their positions, so the matches do not make a big difference. In other cases, one team is trying to get out of a relegation zone while the other wants to finish its season in peace. So, analyze the importance of a match so that you can predict it better.

The bottom line

Do not place football bets blindly. Take your time to analyze a match with a lot of discipline and patience.