Internazionale and AC Milan. The two clubs from Milan have dominated Italian and European football thought out the 90s up until the late 2000s. they were the powerhouse in Serie A and they fared more than well in the Champions League. These two clubs combined have a total of 10 Champions League trophies in their cabinet, and that is no small feat. Back in the day, Inter vs AC Milan was a blockbuster fixture. Two giants fighting it out in the arena. Fast forward to the 2010s both these clubs have gone on to be a shadow version of their previous self. Yet there is hope at the end of the tunnel as 2022 rolls out.

Wrong signings, financial mismanagement, or maybe just bad luck. Since their peak of the 90s, both the Milan clubs have struggled in recent times and Juventus has propelled In Serie A. So much so that Serie A became a one-team league, Juventus winning the title almost every year. Now as the years rolled by Juventus too, started losing steam. This was the perfect chance for the Milan clubs to gain respect back in Serie A.

With Juventus struggling, Inter and AC Milan started to fix their problems. Inter brought in Alexis Sanchez and Lukaku to their front line-up. With a few further additions and the hiring of Antonio Conte as manager, Inter looked to be a true force. AC Milan on the other hand, brought in Olivier Giroud, Fikayo Tomori, and Franck Kessié. They also signed a familiar face who is known in both the camps. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has played for both Milan clubs, was back in town, this time for AC Milan.

Both the clubs were loaded and ready to lock horns with one another. All these signings by the Milan clubs have been made in the last 2-3 years. With Juventus vulnerable for the first time in many years, Inter Milan won the Serie A in the 20/21 Season. The atmosphere in the club was euphoric, as fans caught a glimpse of nostalgia and newfound hope for what could be. Again.

In the same season, AC Milan finished 2nd on the table. The two great Milan clubs occupying the top 2 spots by the end of the season truly meant their rivalry was revived and AC would not settle for a 2nd position finish. They would want to taste the same Champaign that Inter enjoyed the previous year.

AC Milan brought in a new manager at the club in 2019. They brought in Stefano Pioli. He has managed a wide range of clubs in Italy. From the time at Lazio, Fiorentina, Bologna, and even Inter. Stefano Pioli has a good understanding of Italian football and Serie A, as he and his men look to win the title this season (21/22).

After game week 23, Inter is first on the table with 53 points followed by Napoli and AC Milan who both find themselves on 49 points. With only 4 points dividing the Milan clubs, this Saturday’s Milan Derby for the first time in a long time would be relevant with the title race.

So, on Saturday, turn on the television, get a cool beer, and enjoy the Milan Derby. You will not be let down.